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Thursday July 7, 2011

It’s unusual for a program to show restraint in an arms race, but Georgia is doing just that in its current renovations to the Sanford Stadium scoreboard. The Banner-Herald has the details today about the changes and improvements coming to the display board in the west endzone.

The footprint of the scoreboard won’t be changing. Instead, the entire board will become a usable high-definition display screen. Most often the board will look as it has with score, time, etc. and a smaller video area. But on occasion the operators can change the entire scoreboard to a huge replay screen (or, as we expect, a huge advertisement). I hope they’ll also take advantage of the screen space to show more frequent stats and scores.

Since the size of the board won’t be changing, Georgia is shying away from the bigger-is-better trend that has reached ridiculous levels. Georgia’s video board won’t be the biggest in the world or even the SEC. There’s a good reason for that if you value the open end of the stadium and the view of the campus. A scoreboard that’s the same size but sharper and more clear is just fine, even from my perch in the east endzone.

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  • I’m not as interested in keeping up with the Joneses as i am in making smart investments. On it’s face this seems like more of the latter. However, like you i’m a tad skeptical this will be more “fan enhancement” than advertising inundation. We shall see.

  • Agree, sir.