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Post Are they getting it rent-to-own at Aaron’s?

Monday July 7, 2008

If you had to guess the home of the SEC’s largest and shiniest HD video board, Mississippi State probably wouldn’t be in your first 10 guesses. With a capacity of 55,082, Davis Wade Stadium is the SEC’s second-smallest football venue behind only Vanderbilt. But by October 2008 the Bulldogs will have a 111 foot by 47 foot HD screen on a new scoreboard in the south (fieldhouse) endzone that will measure 152 feet by 135.5 feet in total.

The LCD technology used on the HD display will allow MSU to split the display as they like during the game for stats, announcements, advertising, etc.

By contrast, Georgia’s main video board installed in 2005 is 46′ by 25′ on a scoreboard of 76′ by 52′. It is not high definition.

MSU’s new board is even bigger than the 107′ by 30′ "Pig Screen TV" that was the centerpiece of Arkansas’ 2000 expansion. Only Texas, with a 134′ by 55′ main display, will be larger.

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  • I’ve been wondering why Georgia does not have 2 video boards in each endzone….A lot of our SEC rivals have 2 boards…why not us…Also I hope UGA ends up fixing their yearly sound technical difficulties….It drives me crazy as a fan to hear or watch a scoreboard that is messed up…..