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Post UGA eyeing tailgating at Myers Quad

Thursday January 27, 2011

Noon starts didn’t give Georgia fans much of a reason or opportunity to have elaborate tailgates this year, and the new tailgating restrictions didn’t get much of a test. But the season finale served up a night game and a chance for a day-long tailgate. Following the Tech game, I took this dimly-lit picture of the Myers Quad, and you can still get the point even with the poor quality. It was trashed.

I know we’ll get the same response we got about North Campus: it was students/visitors/Tech fans. I’m not denying that; we saw several Tech tailgates set up in the area. The bigger point is that this outcome isn’t going to stand any better on Myers Quad or anywhere else on campus than it did on North Campus.

So it’s no shock to learn that the University is thinking of extending restrictions to Myers Quad. The school’s Gameday Committee met for the first time since the season last week and, as they do every year, began evaluating Georgia’s game day policies. Last week we noted that the SGA recommended easing restrictions on North Campus. It’s way to early in the process to say what will or won’t be done for the 2011 season, but Matt Winston, assistant to President Adams, noted that Myers Quad was among the areas they are scrutinizing.

The responsibility ultimately falls on the tailgaters, but the University also can’t keep playing whack-a-mole every year to react to where the mess pops up next. Will they go down the road of extending the more restrictive North Campus regulations to larger areas of campus? Or are there things (patrol, enforcement) the University can do on Gameday to address the groups causing the most problems while leaving campus open to the responsible majority who just want to enjoy a fun football Saturday?

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  • They can hire a damn trash pick up company. everyone know they have plenty of money and just do not want to spend it on that. with that many people in town on gameday there is no way in hell to keep all of campus clean and tiddy. adams can spend some of the money he uses on vacations for this. easy fix. tired of hearing about it. not going to get any better.

  • All UGA fans should be responsible for picking up after themselves. My parents taught me that when I was a child and it still applies. My wife is an Auburn grad and I am a UGA grad. I attended two games at AU this year. I did not see any areas trashed at Auburn. When we walked by the Meyers Quad after the Tech game, I was embarrassed by the mess left behind by fans. I assume that most of them were UGA fans. If you are true fan of UGA, you should not trash the campus. You should treat it with respect.

  • […] likely will be the same … the tailgaters will move elsewhere on campus. And then what? As the Dawgs Online blog put it this week, the university “can’t keep playing whack-a-mole every year to react […]