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Post Houts makes the cut

Thursday May 20, 2010

Former Georgia guard Ashley Houts has earned a place on the roster of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. WNBA roster spots are hard to come by – each team only has 11 players, and there’s not much turnover. The cut list contained many of the best players to come out of college in recent years, and Houts had to have that in mind when she was traded from New York to Washington just two days before last weekend’s season opener. She made the cut though, and the same toughness and conditioning that she showed during four years in Athens are big reasons why she has found a role playing at the next level.

Houts gives the Lady Dogs four active players in the WNBA. Kara Braxton’s Detroit team moved to Tulsa this year (and picked up Nolan Richardson as head coach!). Bulldog legends Kelly and Coco Miller are playing pro ball together for the first time as both signed with and made the cut for Atlanta. Deanna Nolan decided to sit this year out after Detroit moved to Oklahoma, but she’ll likely play again down the road.

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