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Post Da plane! Da plane!

Sunday January 4, 2009

So by now you’ve probably heard that Rodney Garner has interviewed with Tennessee.

UT plane

Apparently this UT plane has been back and forth to Athens and Georgia quite a bit in the past day. (It had to divert to Atlanta last night due to heavy fog.) It returned to Athens earlier this afternoon and is now on its way back to Knoxville. Common sense would indicate that it came to pick up Garner.

Here’s where things get interesting. UGASports.com is reporting that the plane is returning to Knoxville without Garner. The plane came, sat, and returned without Garner getting on board.

What does it mean? Has Garner decided to stay at Georgia? Are negotiations underway? Is he taking another night to sleep on it? Did he just need more time to tell the Georgia players? Or did Lane Kiffin just want some takeout from The Grill? No one knows. Sure does make for fun speculation though.

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