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Post Knowshon with something to prove?

Thursday November 6, 2008

It sounds incredible on the brink of another 1,000-yard season that Knowshon Moreno would be taking questions, and even some heat, about his endurance and drive, but that’s where we are this week.

After taking questions about it all week, there can be no doubt now that Knowshon is aware of the chatter about how often and under what circumstances he takes himself out of games.

It’s reasonable to consider then that the questions and criticism will be there in the back of his mind when the situation comes up again this week. Will that affect his decision and keep him on the field for another play or two? Will that be to Georgia’s benefit or detriment if he really does need a break? Is it a decision focused on the short-term that could impact his freshness later in a game?

My biggest problem isn’t with the latitude given to Knowshon; he’s earned it and knows his limits better than anyone. It’s with this statement by Moreno: “Why be in there when Caleb is in there and he can do the same job that I can do?” With all due respect to Caleb and Knowshon, King has yet to show that he can do anywhere near the job that Knowshon can whether the job is running or blocking. Is Knowshon at 80% a better option than King at 100%? I think so.

I grant that Knowshon is probably being gracious towards a teammate, and King definitely has plenty of talent. There are situations and even entire series where resting the starter makes plenty of sense. The challenge for Moreno is recognizing those situations where, even at less than 100%, he’s the right guy to have on the field. More often than not those situations are in the red zone where Moreno has as good of a nose for the endzone as any back we’ve had for a while.

One has to think that Knowshon plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder this week.

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