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Post The Hawaii Gamecocks?

Thursday January 24, 2008

Georgia was “lucky” to beat Hawaii according to a former Warrior player,

As a former player, I’m tired of hearing fans and the media say that we were overmatched by bigger, faster, stronger players.
Georgia players are no different than us; the problem was they came to play and we didn’t.

There’s no question that Georgia was more prepared to play in a BCS bowl game than the deer-in-the-headlights Warriors, but the difference between Georgia and Hawaii players showed up on nearly every play. This former player attributes Georgia’s success in this game of evenly-matched teams to…scheme.

Georgia was dominant, not only because they were good athletes, but because their scheme put them in the best position to win.

Interesting – all we heard coming up to the game was fawning over June Jones’ run-and-shoot scheme which gave Hawaii the ability to succeed at a level the program had never seen. There was nothing innovative or unique about Georgia’s scheme on either side of the ball, especially on defense unless the unheard-of strategy of getting pressure with the front four will now be the new hot thing in college football.

Georgia got lucky, and I say that from a player’s point of view. We gave up big plays, which at the end killed us.

Okey-dokey. I appreciate the fight and spirit and the pride in the program, but to borrow a line from Gladiator, a people should know when they are conquered. Good luck against Florida though.

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  • Was this guy watching the same game the rest of the country was watching? I hope UF pounds them too.

  • Amazing. I’m going to have to actually root for Florida, if this keeps up.

    Great Gladiator reference. Nail on the head. “It’s only a flesh wound!” would have worked just as well.