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Post Jim Delany’s firing up his word processor

Tuesday January 8, 2008

Congratulations to LSU.

For what it’s worth, Georgia finished #2 in the final AP poll and #3 in the final coaches’ poll. I’m among those who think Georgia’s final position matters; it’ll give the Dawgs a good starting position next season, and it’s something to recognize Georgia’s best AP poll finish since 1980. Congratulations to the Dawgs on a memorable and successful season.

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  • Convenient that we move back to #2 AFTER the bowl games. We weren’t good enough to be #2 going into the bowls, when all of the conference champs moved ahead of us (oh, wait, USC and Virginia Tech didn’t move ahead of us like LSU and OU?) But now, when it doesn’t count (in terms of who plays for the MNC), its OK. Oh yeah, and the other conference champs still aren’t ahead of us except for USC.

    I know, I know – let it go. I’m just sayin’…

    Congrats Dawgs on a great season!

  • Please post Jim Delaneys comments thwe minute they come out. After his 2 teams got blown out in the BCS, I am sure he will have plenty to say at how smart they are and that wins don’t matter in the game of life.