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Post Recruits not that upset over loss

Wednesday September 12, 2007

While fans continue debating who should be fired, shot, or just merely ridiculed after a loss, we could all probably take some pointers from the prospects who were at the game.

Lineman Omoregie Uzzi has offers from all over the South. His comments after Saturday’s game?

"That loss has nothing to do with me or my situation," he said. "It doesn’t mean anything at all to me. Georgia is still Georgia and it is not a big deal."

Tight end Dwayne Allen also didn’t seem too bothered.

"It was a great atmosphere at Georgia on Saturday," said Allen. "Georgia did not come out on top, but the crowd was great, the team played hard and it was a lot of fun. They lost, but I had a great time overall."

Safety Nick Williams had a pretty level head about the loss.

"The loss doesn’t hurt Georgia at all," he said. "Georgia is a good team and they will bounce back. This is football. Any team can win on any given day. Both schools played hard and Georgia came up a little short, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I still like them a lot."

By the way, Williams, a four-start safety prospect from Bainbridge, committed to Georgia on Sunday.

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  • Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve been thinking the same thing, while reading the whiners on the VENT. Some of them can’t even handle the situation like a teenager who hasn’t even committed. Yet these Venters, who call themselves supporters, rant and rave like they’ve got all the answers. As always, I enjoy your posts.

  • 84′ Alumni “Every Dawg has is Day”. Georgia’s next 11 games wil be ours. Adversity is good, builds character and develops leaders. Results are continuous improvement. Attitude + Leadership = Victory.