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Post Expecting a statement from Southern Cal

Tuesday September 11, 2007

Taking timeout from my usual provincial focus for a quick word about the USC-Nebraska game this weekend:

  1. Southern Cal shows up for big games. Your best chance against them seems to have them sleepwalk into a game. Build it up into a really meaningful game, and they’re usually up to the challenge. Few teams seem to relish the spotlight consistently like the Trojans. Nebraska can’t help placing a lot of "we’re back" emphasis on this game, but that’s really not the game you want to play with SoCal.
  2. LSU (and to some extent Oklahoma) used a high-profile opportunity last weekend to make some noise early in the season. LSU moved into a near dead-heat with SoCal in the AP Poll after whipping Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma jumped to #3 after destroying Miami. With Notre Dame becoming more and more of a non-factor, this Nebraska game is pretty much SoCal’s last chance for a significant nonconference win this year.

With that in mind, I see Southern Cal laying it on the Cornhuskers this weekend. It’s their chance to reclaim some of the spotlight – they are #1 after all – and they have to have noticed the impressive wins by LSU and Oklahoma last week. Getting a nice, big, high-profile win on the road this weekend would do a lot to remind people who still controls the national title discussion.

I do agree that it does seem like 2003 again when LSU, Oklahoma, and Southern Cal seem to be making claims as the top teams (agreeing also with CFR’s observations about the subtle differences between the two seasons). But the season is young, and other teams like Florida and West Virginia will still have plenty to say along the way.

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