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Post Anything but the MINI-MEGAPHONES!!!

Tuesday August 21, 2007

Looks like Tennessee is in for a lesson in big-time football:

As if they needed any more reason to make noise, Cal will be passing out 50,000 mini-megaphones before the season opener against Tennessee at Memorial Stadium. "It’s going to be loud," said Jackson. "Everyone’s been waiting to play Tennessee. Just like Tupac said, it’s going to be ‘all eyes on me.’ "

If only Tennessee had experience playing in front of large, loud crowds in meaningful games.

Since this is Cal-Berkeley we’re talking about, Phil Fulmer will eschew the usual tactic of blaring loud music at practice to simulate crowd noise. He will, however, invite 500 anti-war protesters and Karl Rove to practice.

We’ll wait to see if we can record the mini-megaphones alongside other notorious crowd disasters.

(h/t CFR)

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  • First off, it’s Cal, not Cal-Berkeley, or Berkeley. Just Cal. Secondly, we probably don’t need the megaphones. The contact high should be enough to get the Vols off their game. Peace.