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Tuesday August 21, 2007

With so many young players battling for playing time and so much need at some key positions, the redshirting question seems to have above-average importance this year. Lots of new names are, for one reason or another, mentioned frequently in practice updates as the coaching staff continues to evaluate the depth chart. I tend to get skeptical that true out-of-nowhere newcomers like Boling and Cuff will really see much time unless there is a long-term injury ahead of them, but you continue to hear their names as the season draws near.

Based on the most recent practice reports and comments, it looks as if we can group the newcomers as shown below. I included all newcomers, just not the true freshmen. It wouldn’t surprise me to see anyone in the top three groups play, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see anyone in the bottom three groups redshirting.

Likely (+90%) to play:

  • LB Rennie Curran
  • OL Justin Anderson
  • P Drew Butler
  • OL Scott Haverkamp
  • DL Corey Irvin
  • OL Trinton Sturdivant
  • OL Vince Vance
  • DL Jarius Wynn

Leaning towards playing:

  • OL Clint Boling
  • CB Vance Cuff
  • TE Bruce Figgins

Leaning toward redshirting:

  • RB Caleb King
  • TE Aron White
  • LB Charles White
  • OL Ben Harden

Likely (+90%) to redshirt:

  • S John Knox
  • LB Justin Houston
  • WR Israel Troupe
  • WR Walter Hill
  • QB Logan Gray
  • DE Neland Ball
  • OL Chris Little
  • OL Tanner Strickland

4 Responses to 'Current thoughts on redshirts'

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  • Vince Vance already has used his redshirt. He doesn’t have that option.

    No biggie, though. I still enjoy the blog.

  • How can Cuff be a redshirt, he just graduated high school three months ago.

  • Sorry Bill, mixed up the Vances. I don’t think he used a reshirt, just burned a year at GMC but I could very well be wrong.

  • Thanks for the comments, guys. Vance did redshirt at GMC in 2005. He has three years of eligibility remaining because of it.