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Post What am I missing about Gailey?

Monday January 15, 2007

I’m not a fan of the Steelers or Dolphins. If I were, I’d probably be staring cross-eyed at the newspaper wondering why Chan Gailey is still a candidate for either head coaching position.

Is Gailey a bad coach? No. He’s had at least some degree of success in most of his positions in the same sense that Hyundai is a "successful" car brand. Sure, it isn’t Toyota or Honda or even Ford, but it isn’t Yugo either. Such has been Gailey’s career. Rarely awful, never spectacular. There was a divisional title with the Cowboys and two playoff appearances. He has maintained Georgia Tech’s consecutive bowl streak while winning an ACC divisional title this past year. He isn’t known for any specific innovation or approach to the game; he’s just the beige of coaches.

Is that really what Pittsburgh and Miami are after? Jeez – Pittsburgh. Not even a season removed from a Super Bowl title, and they are considering a man who lost his only two NFL playoff appearances. Can you replace the dominant personality of Cowher with the relatively anonymous Gailey?

Miami is even more puzzling. They went out a few years ago and hired a flashy coach, proven as much as one can be at the college level, and still couldn’t get the ship righted in two seasons. They’re desperate. Read this quote from owner Wayne Huizenga and tell me you don’t see the desperation.

"There’s only one thing I want to do, and it’s win," Huizenga said. "I don’t care what it takes, what it costs, what’s involved, we’re going to make this a winning franchise. It’s no fun owning a team if you’re not winning, I can tell you that. And we are absolutely, positively going to get back to being a winning team. And sooner rather than later."

I’ve tried, but I can’t reconcile that statement with the fact that Gailey has had a second interview with Miami. Huizenga’s whatever-it-takes and whatever-it-costs mission to win is focusing in on a guy who has lost at least five games a season at Georgia Tech?

I don’t have anything personal against Gailey, and I don’t blame him for looking to move on. The Tech faithful aren’t especially taken with him, and it can’t be fun trying to babysit guys like Reggie Ball in the Tech academic jungle. I don’t question at all why Gailey would be interested in the head coaching positions of these two proud NFL franchises. I just question why they would be interested in him and his sure fate of 9-7 seasons. Other than the ties to those organizations in his past, what am I missing?

Update: I’m obviously not the only one scratching my head over this.

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