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Post MSU leftovers

Wednesday October 25, 2006
  • I’m glad to see the coaches stick with Stafford. It would have been tempting to pull him after some bad second half turnovers, and it might have even been tempting to try something else for the Florida game. He made his mistakes, but he also had the most prolific passing day by a Georgia quarterback this year. He was also quite accurate (60% +) considering he threw three interceptions. The surprising thing about his throwing were that many of the deeper passes were underthrown. Now we know (or have heard at least) that he has quite a gun. I suspect much of it has to do with timing, so we’ll see if that improves.

  • Snark: I wonder how many INTs Stafford would be throwing these days had he started since the South Carolina game.

  • Too much is being made of the booing of MoMass. Yes, many crossed a fine but distinct line between the frustration we all felt and taking it out on #1. I don’t think anyone was pleased with the drop. Some chose to sit on their hands, some groaned, some kicked a bench, some swore, and many booed. That the booing (and applause when he was taken out) was unfortunately the most outward and noticable reaction, but not too many of us had good thoughts in our heads at the time. Most didn’t even notice that that particular pass had been tipped.

  • The really comical part of the reaction is that there are apparently levels of Damn Good Dawgness that makes it more acceptable to kick certain players in the gut. Massaquoi’s a good guy, so we’ll make a public spectacle of our shame. Meanwhile…Dan Inman, take your seat next to Patrick Pass. Can someone please fill in this scale so I know who deserves piling on? How DARE you attack college kids…unless they’re Odell Thurman or lower on the DGD scale.

  • Speaking of which, has "damn good Dawg" taken on the equivalent of "bless his heart"? You can say anything about a player, tack DGD onto it, and all is well. "Monteego Powers is a damn good Dawg, but he should never suit up for Georgia again."

  • Facebook groups for wardrobe coordination, intramural field preservation, and empty apologies. Whitewashing the Cocktail Party. Is this really what college life is like now?

  • The important thing with MoMass is that we need him back. Something has happened to the guy who stood out at the start of the 2005 season with some incredible catches. Massaquoi’s 100+ yard game against Auburn last year was as close as a Georgia receiver came to taking over a game in some time. He is a special talent and can be a difference-maker on this team. We’ve seen it done against quality competition. The Bulldog offense, the developing quarterback, the running game, everything is better when he is on. Whether it’s coaching, something mechanical, something mental, whatever – the coaches have to save him before a promising career is lost.

  • Bryan Evans certainly got thrown into the fire on Saturday. He had one really nice play that nearly resulted in an INT, but he also got lost a few times on deep passes. We know that the depth in the secondary is so young that anyone other than the starter is going to be pretty inexperienced. Whether or not Ramarcus Brown can play on Saturday is a big question.

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