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Post Now that ACC expansion is wrapped up

Monday October 13, 2003

I’m not that impressed. Remember, the big goal was to bring in this huge new interest base and watch the TV money roll in.

Miami – probably the best football program there is. Nationwide fan base for TV but lukewarm local fan support. Outstanding baseball program. So-so hoops. Definitely the jewel of the expansion.

Va Tech – good football program, mediocre at best elsewhere. No nationwide fan base…more like occasional interest to see what they will do against Miami. Very limited regional base in rural western Virginia. Solid local and loyal fan support – more like Clemson than any other ACC member in that regard. They are in the ACC primarily because the Virginia State Legislature said so. From a football perspective, a good pickup. From business and other sports, blah.

BC – supposed to be the Pied Piper that brings the NE interest to the ACC. Not going to happen. If the market for NE football was so rich, Miami, BC, VT, and Syracuse wouldn’t be looking to jump. Upper limit of 8-3 as a football program, occasionally good at hoops but not consistently, but they will have the ACC hockey title sewn up. Limited fan base, not much national interest unless there is an upset story going on vs Miami or Notre Dame. Georgraphic disconnect from Maryland to Boston will isolate BC and strangle any rivalries that might develop.

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