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Friday August 10, 2007

Once again we look at some of the more popular search keywords people are using to get here:

  • "shaun chapas": Chapas is a redshirt freshman fullback from Jacksonville. He and Fred Munzenmaier are in the mix behind established starter Brannan Southerland. You never know how much time a reserve fullback will see, but I imagine that we’ll see Chapas and/or Munzenmaier on the field this year, especially in jumbo or "wham" situations.
  • "georgia football suspensions": I had a recent summary of the off-season suspensions, but we’ve since added two more to the list. Tripp Chandler and Blake Barnes each received one-game suspensions. With the offseason departures of Akeem Hebron, Ian Smith, and Seth Watts, Chandler and Barnes are the only active players who will miss the first game.
  • "ian smith uga football": We learned before practice began last weekend that Smith had decided to leave the Georgia football program for "medical reasons". We don’t know if those medical reasons are related to Smith’s two alcohol-related arrests, but we hope that Smith got or is getting whatever help he needs.
  • "uga spying va tech": This was a nice distraction from the first weekend of practice. Frank Beamer never came right out and claimed that Georgia cheated, but his message was clear enough. Coach Richt of course denied any spying and even offered some empathy for coaches who are concerned with leaks from practices. I thought about this issue when photos and descriptions of formations from Arkansas practices hit the Web earlier this week. At what point does fan interest (and fan ego) become a disadvantage to our teams?
  • "vance cuff": The saga of Vance Cuff ended last week when the NCAA granted Cuff a waiver, essentially overruling an NCAA Clearinghouse decision concerning one of Cuff’s core high school classes. With the waiver, he is eligible by NCAA standards and has enrolled at Georgia. The freshman cornerback is now practicing with the team (and will likely redshirt).

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