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Post No, Frank, you just lost

Monday August 6, 2007

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Frank Beamer was accusing Georgia of spying on Virginia Tech’s Chick-fil-A Bowl practices:

“We practiced out at Georgia Tech and we let all kinds of people through there … people we didn’t really know,” Beamer said. “And I thought it hurt us in the bowl game. I’m not blaming anybody … but I thought Georgia knew exactly what we were doing in several situations.”

The plan was masterful:  allow Virginia Tech to get up 21-3 in order to maintain the illusion of a close game.  It didn’t matter that Virginia Tech constantly let the tight end slip past them.  It didn’t matter that they tried to block NFL-bound Charles Johnson with a freshman tight end.  Never mind film study and preparation.  “I’m not blaming anybody…”  Sure, Frank.

Virginia Tech has now closed “team” part of practices to the public.  It’s a policy that most schools use, including Georgia.  Now when his quarterback implodes in the second half, Beamer will have to look elsewhere for an excuse.

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