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Post On the warm front…

Friday May 15, 2009

Last week Blutarsky and I were holding on to a slim thread of hope that Coach Richt’s comments about the relative heat in Jacksonville were a bit tongue in cheek.

It turns out to be a variation on an old theme. Marc Weiszer of the ABH went back into his archives and found a similar quote from 2005. I know what Coach Richt says is technically correct – Georgia has adjusted to slightly cooler weather by that point in the season – but the state of the series is such that any comment about the conditions or the location is going to come off as whining. Weiszer notes that Richt’s 2005 comment came after a Georgia win, and it’s not a coincidence that a similar observation under those circumstances drew a lot less reaction.

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  • Never thought i’d say this about CMR, but i really wish he’d just zip it with the talk a/b the site not being neutral & especially with the ridiculous “its 5 degrees hotter there” crap. Seriously, as if we need to give Floriduh fans more reasons to laugh at us. He sounds like a wimpy, whiny, brat at this point.

    Just man up, coach up, and win the damn game CMR! Enough of this crap year in & year out. Enough with the excuses. And enough with the bitching. I’m sick of always making those asshats look good.

    I hate Floriduh.