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Post It’s too darn hot

Friday May 8, 2009

Tim Tucker interviewed Mark Richt in Columbus about a number of topics, but most seem to be latching on to this one quote about the WLOCP:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. But when people ask me the question, ‘Do you really think [Jacksonville] is a neutral site?’, I say, ‘No, it’s not neutral.’ When you play in the state of Florida every year – we fly, they drive; it’s hotter for us, it’s cooler for them. It’s played in a stadium that [used to be called] the Gator Bowl. But what the heck? If nothing else, we’ll make Jacksonville pay more to keep it there. . . . I wouldn’t feel bad having a ‘neutral site’ game in Georgia – in the Georgia Dome.”

"It’s hotter for us, it’s cooler for them." Come again? Richt’s distaste for the Jacksonville venue (current temperature: 85 degrees) isn’t anything new, but I can only hope this was tongue-in-cheek.

The thing is that Georgia is so close to leveling off this series. If they can pull off the win this year, they’ll be 3-3 over a six year period. That’s not bad against a program with Florida’s recent success. With the exception of last season, Georgia’s been right there in those games even in a year like 2006. To think that a mental block like this might be the edge in one of the most important games of the year is becoming disconcerting.

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  • Could the comment be on sides? Do we switch sides yearly or is that permanent? If it was permanent, we might be in the sunshine while they’re in the shade and that would explain the comment. If it switches yearly AND he’s not joking, I got nothing.

  • Cooler Czar

    May 8th, 2009
    4:31 pm


    We switch sides of the stadium/filed every year, fans and teams.

    I fully support Richt, and belive he is the right man for Georgia for a long time, but coments like this… if he really believs this stuff… well, that’s the reason we don’t win. We need the coach to be telling our guys we will march into any damn stadium, anywhere,any time and will lay a beating on any and all comers.

  • […] I read the same quote that Mark Richt gave the AJ-C’s Tim Tucker that Groo cites in his post here, but thought Richt was being somewhat facetious.  At least I hope he was. On whether the […]

  • “We need the coach to be telling our guys we will march into any damn stadium, anywhere,any time and will lay a beating on any and all comers.”

    What’s funny is that Richt actually does seem to do that — we have an excellent road record. (Better than our home record in fact! — See http://www.teamspeedkills.com/2009/4/28/856948/mark-richts-coaching-record-at) Based on his teams’ performance, I’d almost say Richt should WANT this to be a road game.