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Post It’s official: Sturdivant lost for the season

Tuesday August 12, 2008

News is breaking all over that starting Georgia left tackle Trinton Sturdivant tore three knee ligaments and will require reconstructive surgery. With that kind of catastrophic injury, you’re hoping it’s just season ending and not career ending. We send our best for a complete recovery.

I posted last night that I expected Clint Boling to end up as Sturdivant’s replacement, but the question is more complicated than that. Boling of course is suspended for the opener, so there’s a more immediate question of who starts in the Ga. Southern game. Here’s a run down of all of the names mentioned as possible replacements:

Josh Davis: RSo. 6’6″, 293. Currently working behind Sturdivant at the left tackle position, but that’s no guarantee. Davis saw reserve action in eight games last year as a RFr.

Vince Vance: Jr. 6’8″, 320. Vance is currently the starting left guard, and he does have the size to move outside. Tanner Strickland seems to be coming on behind Vance at guard, so the interior line would still be OK if Vance moved outside. Speed is a concern with Vance though, and speed is important given the left tackle’s key role in pass protection.

Cordy Glenn: Fr. 6’5″, 313. Glenn has been very impressive so far in fall camp and actually started Monday’s scrimmage at right guard ahead of Justin Anderson. Rivals.com had him as one of their top 20 tackles in the 2008 recruiting class. The biggest question is experience. Georgia dodged a bullet with a true freshman at left tackle a year ago; are they willing to take that risk again?

Clint Boling: So. 6’5″, 290. Boling proved to be a athletic and versatile lineman who played at both right tackle and guard as a freshman before settling into the right guard spot. His consistency and experience might tip the decision in his favor.

Kiante Tripp: RSo. 6’6″, 270. It made news when Tripp moved from defensive end to the offensive line a year ago. He had the prototypical offensive tackle frame and the recruiting pedigree to go along with it. After getting some playing experience in his RFr. season, he’s been the unquestioned starter at right tackle since spring. Now with the higher-profile left tackle position open, will the staff move their remaining starting tackle to the other side of the line and focus on developing a new right tackle?

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  • My opinion is that KT moves over to the left tackle slot and we work on developing Cordy Glenn at right tackle. The blind side for Stafford is much more important than anything else and you have to put the most athletic guy in there to fend off extremely athletic DEs like you have in the SEC.

    That being said, I also think it’s a possibility to see a complete reshuffle of the O-line. WIth Ben Jones doing so well, I could see CSS moving him to No. 1 with C. Davis backing him up so he can move back to his original role (wasn’t he an OG last year?).

    That would free up a couple of more athletic guards to cross-train at tackle and give us more options.

    One thing lost in all this is that we have AJ Harmon who COULD move to the OL out of pure necessity if need be, but Rivals (and I agree) says that’s not an issue right now and something no one is even considering.