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Post It’s official – Humphrey is done

Friday June 27, 2008

Dennis Felton will now be replacing both of his starting backcourt players after Billy Humphrey was dismissed from the team on Friday.

Humphrey’s dismissal stems from a Tuesday night arrest for DUI on top of two previous incidents. Coach Felton said,

“I am disappointed in Billy,” Felton said. “We’ve worked really hard with him in the past to see that he succeeds, but I feel that it’s now best for our program to move forward without him.”

Initial reports stated that Humphrey blew a .02 (still trouble for an underage drinker), but additional details from the ABH correct that error and paint a much more serious picture:

When Humphrey was stopped on Georgia Highway 316 early Tuesday morning, his blood-alcohol content tested at .082 on the road and .129 later at the county jail, where he was booked on DUI and other charges, according to the officer’s report. The Banner-Herald previously reported in error that Humphrey blew .02.

Police found a half-full bottle of Bacardi rum on his back seat, and jailers tested Humphrey’s blood alcohol level at more than one and a half times the legal limit.

With that new information and with his earlier (though minor) incidents in mind, Felton really had no choice here.

Jeremy Price and Terrence Woodbury are now the only returning starters. Coach Felton got a new lease on life with the SEC Tournament title, but he’ll have to identify a new shooting guard to avoid slipping backwards. Obviously this is bad news for the program and Felton (not to mention Humphrey).

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  • I understand why Felton is disappointed in Billy, but when are people going to start being disappointed with Felton. After all he brought all these thugs to the program to try and make a quick fix, instead of building the program with quality players on and off the court. Billy Humphrey, Mike Mercer, Taquais Brown, Rashad Singleton all Felton’s work. You know why they came to Georgia, because no other coach wants players like that on their team and I am personally tired of housing all these thugs on my team. Lets hope Felton recruited players with character this year or we will be for another long year.

  • Felton will stand or fall on his ability to win. But it’s ridiculous to think that Humphrey, Mercer, and Brown were discipline problems that no one else wanted. Each had several D-1 offers. We’re throwing the “thug” label around a little too loosely here.

  • Roy Williams wanted nothing to do with Mike and even passed on Lewis Williams (#1 prospect in the country) just to keep Mike away from UNC. If we had a coach like that we wouldnt be getting all this negative publicity. Im just saying there is only thirteen guys on a basketball team and we have had four with discipline problems. Come on coach, recruit some players the fans can be proud of. We need more Dave Bliss and less punks. I have had class with both Mike and Billy and I can tell you first hand that they are punks.