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Post Just when you thought Georgia hoops had turned the corner

Wednesday June 25, 2008

Senior guard Billy Humphrey was arrested in Gwinnett County and was charged with, among other things, DUI because he is underage and a breathalyzer showed a trace amount of alcohol (0.02).

Note that this is Humphrey’s second alcohol-related incident within the past year. He avoided suspension after that incident and an earlier weapons charge, but the University’s alcohol policy will now come down hard on Humphrey.

It’s very likely that Humphrey will miss fall semester, and who knows what that would do to his status with the Georgia basketball program. With the status of the starting shooting guard now up in the air, Dennis Felton’s chances of building on the SEC Tournament championship have been dealt a significant blow.

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  • .02? Although I still know it’s illegal Billys a good kid and a even better basketball player. My prayers are with him and the team. UGA needs him.

  • As frustrating as this news may be, the introduction of Gwinnett’s mugshot database into my life will provide endless hours of entertainment. Thanks Groo.

  • He’s not legal yet so, yeah, .02 gets you in trouble when you’re drinking and driving. He might be a good kid, but not setting much of an example. So much for Senior leadership.

    That said, the Freshman and Soph’s on next years team might take a few lumps, but they’ll be able to compete athletically and physically with just about anybody. It’s been 6 or 7 years since we’ve even had a team that could compete from a talent standpoint on a consistent basis. Hopefully, those days are gone for good.