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Post Revisiting the depth chart by class

Wednesday August 29, 2007

Back in May, I took a look at the post-spring depth chart according to class. It was obvious even then that the 2007 Georgia team would rely on a lot of young players. The caveat back then was that the depth chart could and would change before the season, and it has. We’ve also added in the true freshmen and will count on some of them. Based on the most recent changes, here is a revised look at the depth chart according to class. The youth movement underway is even more apparent now. Over a third of the two-deep are newcomers (freshmen / redshirt freshmen / JUCO and prep transfers), and over half are underclassmen.

1st-teamers are in solid red, 2nd-teamers are highlighted in back, other scholarship players are in gray, and walk-ons are unshaded. We allow for 24 players on each unit (11 offense, 11 defense, a punter, and a placekicker) with these exceptions on the offensive line: Justin Anderson is currently listed as the backup at both guard positions, and Chris Davis is the backup center. The freshmen shaded in green are expected to redshirt (not greenshirt). I have removed Oliver, Coates, and Ian Smith.

As usual, corrections are expected, welcome, and will be made as soon as possible.

Freshman Redshirt Fr. Sophomore Junior Senior
T – Sturdivant G – C. Davis QB – Stafford G – Haverkamp WR – S. Bailey
TE – Figgins TE – Ward DE – Battle FB – Southerland T – Adams
LB – Curran FB – Chapas DT – Weston DT – Owens C – Velasco
G – Anderson LB – Dent LB – Dewberry LB – Ellerbe RB – Brown
P – Butler SS – Banks CB – Evans FS – Byrd CB – Flowers
T – Boling FS – Jones T – Vance P – Mimbs WR – Henderson
CB – Cuff DE – Dobbs QB – Cox WR – Massaquoi DE – Howard
TE – A. White C – Perez DT – Atkins DE – Lomax LB – B. Miller
DE – Ball G – J. Davis CB – P. Miller LB – Washington SS – Johnson
LB – Houston T – Tripp CB – Allen WR – Harris PK – Coutu
S – Knox FB – Munzenmaier WR – Durham DT – Irvin PK – A. Bailey
G – Strickland RB – Moreno WR – Moore QB – Barnes RB – Lumpkin
WR – Troupe LB – Gamble CB – Baldwin TE – Chandler TE – Watson
WR – Hill WR – Wilson DT – Taylor WR – Goodman WR – Bryant
LB – C. White DT – Crawford WR – Spellman DE – Wynn WR – Gartrell
RB – King DT – Wood TE – Potterbaum CB – Brown FS – Williams
QB – Gray DE – Lemon DE – Gully LB – Pittman SN – Henson
C – Harden TE – Potterbaum DE – Jacobs LB – Boyd RB – Johnson
G – Little G – White LB – Watkins FS – Francis LB – Gaunder
  TE – Nickels   PK – Wilson LB – Williams
  QB – deLaureal   SN – Fowler WR – Croffie
  RB – Parker     DT – Lyles
  G – Speight      
  TE – Lane      
  LB – Fields      
  MLB – Sullivan      
  WCB – Gloer      
  SS – Johnson      
  SN – Willis      

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  • Chester Adams is a senior.

  • It’s just odd to see AJ Bryant as an “other scholarship player”. I hope he gets back in the mix, but I guess that would drop someone else.

  • I’ve read rumors that Bryant might redshirt – sorta like what they did with Velasco a couple of years ago. But I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • The colors are really tough to see on my computer. Can you pick a more diverse palette in the future? Like red, dark gray, green (or whatever) and white?

    I know Green isn’t a dawgly color, but it’s tough to see the nuance. Plus, a color blind person struggles with shades of light red vs. the various shades of gray.

  • pwd, thanks for the suggestion. It’s easy to forget accessibility. I had to update the chart anyway. Green is a more dawgly color than we think – since it means non-contact in practice, I guess it’s fitting for the redshirting freshmen who won’t be seeing any game contact this year.

  • scoreboard, I’ve heard the AJ redshirting thing too, but I don’t know how much of that is wishful thinking from fans who can see the appeal of the idea. If he’s not even in our top seven receivers (as of last weekend), how much will he see the field this year? Then again, the coaches might not want a logjam next year with three seniors and an ultra-talented recruiting class expecting playing time.

  • I’m with you, Groo. I don’t think it will or should happen. Ft. Valley isn’t that far from me, so AJ has a few fans around here. But I don’t see the point of redshirting him now. They won’t be lacking seniors next year. It may be time for him to use his fourth year and pass his scholly along to the next hotshot…