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Wednesday May 9, 2007

One of my favorite features over at the Grapevine recruiting site was the "Recruiter’s Roster". It showed at a glance how the team broke down by class so that needs and depth issues would show up right away. I’m doing a little variation on that here by taking the post-spring depth chart and exploding it by class. 1st-teamers are in solid red, 2nd-teamers are in the lighter red, other scholarship players are in gray, and walkons are unshaded. I’m going by the information from that depth chart as the positions are now. The chart doesn’t tell the whole story (Haverkamp is a junior but is still a rookie for example), but I think it’s close enough.

As you’d expect and hope, many of the starters are juniors and seniors. Still, it stands out how many potential contributors are sophomores or younger particularly on the lines. That shouldn’t surprise any of us, but it was strange to see Howard and Velasco as the only senior linemen on either side of the ball. The junior class isn’t much deeper until you add in the JUCO transfers. You can also get a sense for the infusion of young defensive speed on the team. Linebackers like Dent and Gamble as well as a slew of defensive backs will be counted upon heavily this season.

Anyway, even if it just looks like a giant pixelated game of Tetris, enjoy.

Freshman Redshirt Fr. Sophomore Junior Senior
LT – Sturdivant LG – Davis QB – Stafford RG – Haverkamp SE – Bailey
LG – Strickland DE – Dobbs DE – Battle RT – Adams C – Velasco
RT – Anderson DE – Tripp DT – Atkins TE – Chandler RB – Lumpkin
  C – Perez SLB – Dewberry FB – Southerland FLK – Henderson
  RG – Davis WCB – Evans DT – Owens DE – Howard
  FB – Chapas LT – Vance WLB – Ellerbe MLB – Miller
  FB – Munzenmaier QB – Cox FS – Byrd SS – Johnson
  RB – Moreno DT – Taylor P – Mimbs SCB – Oliver
  SLB – Dent DT – Weston SE – Massaquoi PK – Coutu
  WLB – Gamble WCB – Miller DE – Lomax TE – Watson
  SS – Banks SCB – Allen MLB – Washington FLK – Bryant
  FS – Jones SE – Durham QB – Barnes PK – Bailey
  SE – Wilson C – Smith FLK – Harris RB – Johnson
  TE – Ward FLK – Moore WR – Goodman WR – Gartrell
  DT – Crawford SS – Coates DE – Wynn RB – Brown
  DT – Wood SCB – Baldwin DT – Irvin SCB – Flowers
  DE – Lemon SE – Spellman WCB – Brown FLK – Croffie
  TE – Potterbaum TE – Potterbaum SLB – Pittman DT – Lyles
  RG – White DE – Gully MLB – Boyd MLB – Gaunder
  TE – Nickels DE – Jacobs FS – Francis WLB – Williams
  QB – deLaureal WLB – Watkins PK – Wilson FS – Williams
  RB – Parker   SN – Fowler SN – Henson
  OG – Speight      
  TE – Lane      
  SLB – Fields      
  MLB – Sullivan      
  WCB – Gloer      
  SS – Johnson      
  SN – Willis      

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  • Hey, thanks for doing this… I’ve been missing this from the Grapevine. But, since there’s always a critic, let me offer a couple of changes.

    First, Cheese is a senior, too. Add him to your two other senior linemen.

    Second, Dobbs and Tripp aren’t starting. Maybe you left them in dark red because of the extensive rotation at DE?

    Again, thanks for doing this. It’s nice to be able to see how the classes break down.

  • Thanks for the tip on Adams…not sure how I had him as a junior.

    The reason I had Dobbs and Tripp as starters was because the “official” depth chart we’re walking off lists that position as “Battle OR Dobbs OR Tripp”. So until they sort that mess out in August, it’s easiest just to list them all as co-starters now.

  • Thomas Brown

    May 13th, 2007
    3:21 am


    Obviously, we redshirted too many players in a 9-4 season to have 29 redshirt frosh. This includes an even dozen redshirt frosh players who are on the 2-deep depth chart post spring with no class listed with more. (Adams correction would give senior class 1 more.) The senior class (redshirt seniors and true seniors) looks the most suspect of any class on this chart, and hints have been made by the defensive coordinator and head coach that they have to change this depth chart drastically. We figure to get lit up this season on defense with guys in their position because of seniority ahead of obvious play makers, who (1) should not have been redshirted last season and (2) must be moved ahead of guys who “know their position” but have never made plays for us.

    I really do not want to go through another season like last year.

    [b] Preseason Poll Rankings to-date : [/b] with URL Links if you want to see the polls.

    National Champs dot net picks UGA Number 23.
    Sports Illustrated picks UGA Number 19.
    College Football News picks UGA Number 12.
    ESPN picks UGA Number 16.
    Rivals picks UGA Number 12.


    Athlon Sports picks UGA Number 16.


    Scout dot com picks UGA Number 12.


    I, like the coaching staff, feel that we have some issues on this depth-chart.

    Grapevine was always my favorite site for break-downs like this where I could go and see BY POSITION who we had in each class redshirt or not, recruiting history, and the bio you did on the recruits – which was the most complete and correct rather than just one ranking of the recruits, as it is far more meaningful what all the sites said about each recruit than what any just one might have to say on the topic.

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