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Post Twist that knife, Mark.

Monday July 9, 2007

Everyone’s pointing to Mark Bradley’s latest (and greatest). I agree that it’s more flamebait than anything else, but it’s still our flamebait, and the replies from Tech fans are pure gold.

I’m glad to see someone a little more high-profile than I questioning the popular assumption that things can’t get worse than Reggie Ball. "Georgia’s No. 1 quarterback beat out three teammates for the job. Tech’s No. 1 quarterback couldn’t beat out Reggie Ball." Yep.

While we’re enjoying the current of muck flowing in the other direction, Dawg fans should pay close attention to Bradley’s point #7.

For all the fuss made over Jon Tenuta’s defense, it should be noted that the Georgia D, coached by the unappreciated Willie Martinez, finished ahead of Tech last season in total defense, scoring defense, pass defense and turnovers created.

Tenuta is a very good defensive coordinator, appreciated by both Tech and Georgia people. But many Georgia fans would take Tenuta (or just a car Tenuta once owned) over Willie Martinez in a second. They’re morons.

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