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Post Questioning the conventional wisdom, Part 257

Tuesday July 3, 2007

We all like to pick on Reggie Ball, and he’s an easy target. But as poorly as he played against Georgia over his career, he was still a four-year starter with wins over teams like Auburn, Miami, and Virginia Tech.

So for all of the amusement we get reading lines saying that Tech has to be better in 2007 now that Reggie Ball is gone, is it really a given that Taylor Bennett will be markedly better?

Bennett is getting a lot of mileage from the first half of last season’s Gator Bowl. As Bennett threw jump ball after jump ball to Calvin Johnson en route to a big halftime lead, it was natural to wonder why he wasn’t tried before Ball became ineligible.

But I am not yet a believer that Bennett will be an improvement at quarterback over the long term. You’d expect a QB to improve over the course of a game, but Bennett did not in his moment in the spotlight. Tech went from 340 yards of offense in the first half of the Gator Bowl to 133 in the second half. They had four drives of 60+ yards in the first half and none in the second half.

It could be argued that West Virginia wasn’t expecting a backup to find Johnson with such ease, but he did. Once they adjusted and realized that Bennett could throw the ball, he wasn’t as effective. After the world gets a few games of film on Taylor Bennett this fall, we’ll find out if he really is an improvement over a four-year starter.

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