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The History of the Locator

A few years back, I had the misfortune of leaving the great state of Georgia to seek my fortune in the alien landscapes of Utah and Texas. For a while I was hopelessly out of touch with Georgia Sports (only keeping in touch by means of newspapers and the annual Melton recruiting page - thanks DigitalDawg).

I had a lot of trouble getting folks in sports bars to put on the Georgia games because there just was not enough interest. Well, after a year in Texas, I was thrown the lifeline of the Internet and the DawgVent. Through info on the Vent, I was able to find out more about the Dawgs than I did when I went to the University and I was able to find some Dawgs in my area. Once we had a large enough group of people interested in watching a Georgia game, it was a bit easier to find an establishment willing to accommodate us. To facilitate other Displaced Dawgs in finding each other, I decided to compile a list of Displaced Dawgs from around the U.S. and around the world!!

DOTI am fortunate to be back in Atlanta now, but I'll never forget the miseries of being denied watching my beloved Dawgs on Saturdays. So for all of you still out of reach, this is the least I can do.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting