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Wednesday October 5, 2022

Georgia’s so-so red zone offense has emerged as one of the top concerns for an offense that otherwise is performing quite well. The Bulldogs are among the lower half of the nation in getting touchdowns from their red zone possessions. Fortunately Jack Podlesny’s accuracy has allowed the team to come away with points on nearly every trip, but of course you’d rather come away with 7 points rather than 3.

So lets go through the drives that ended with field goals rather than touchdowns and see if anything jumps out. (Yes, there’s plenty of confirmation bias here since we’re focusing only on the drives that stalled. Look at it this way – if a Georgia drive stalls out in the red zone, what has probably happened?)

Right away you notice how ineffective Georgia has been on first down. The most successful first down plays in these series were a Milton run for 4 yards and a Carson Beck run for 5. There are several short or incomplete passes. Four other drives had penalties that effectively ended those drives. If you’re not successful on first down in the red zone, you’re more likely going to be throwing tough passes against more compact coverage later in the series. Sure enough, only one of these drives ended by getting stuffed on a 3rd-and-short run. The rest all ended on incomplete passes or sacks. Though the Dawgs have occasionally been able to recover, an unsuccessful first down play often means a field goal attempt will be coming soon.

Georgia’s tight ends, as expected, have been a bright spot for the offense. We’ve seen Bowers excel in the red zone running the ball on sweeps as well as coming down with a beautiful catch at South Carolina. Washington has been a fantastic blocker on some of those touchdown runs. They’ve been less involved at the end of these stalled drives though. Again, that’s not saying tight ends haven’t been active in Georgia’s red zone offense. They’ve just been targeted less frequently on the drives that didn’t get into the end zone.

1Q SAM 12:

  • 1-10: Bennett incomplete to McConkey
  • 2-10: Bennett complete to Milton for 7
  • 3-3: McIntosh run for 1

After coming up short on 3rd down, Georgia lined up to go for it on 4th and 2 and drew a delay penalty.

1Q SAM 11:

  • 1-10: Milton run for 4
  • 2-6: Bennett incomplete to Bowers
  • 3-6: Bennett incomplete to Washington

Georgia did try to use the tight ends on this series after a decent run on first down.

2Q SAM 10

  • 1-G: Bennett complete to Bowers for 2, holding penalty
  • 1-G: Edwards run for 5
  • 2-G: Bennett complete to McIntosh for 7
  • 3-G: Bennett incomplete to Bell

The holding penalty killed the drive.

3Q SAM 20

  • 1-10: Bennett incomplete to McConkey
  • 2-10: McIntosh run for 1
  • 3-9: Bennett sacked for -17

Bennett tried more of the scramble magic that led to a touchdown against Oregon, but he took the sack here. Podlesny was just short on the 54-yard FG.

4Q SAM 9

  • 1-G: Beck complete to Robinson for 2
  • 2-G: Beck incomplete to Bell
  • 3-G: Beck incomplete to Gilbert

The reserves were in to finish it off. Again two passes on goal-to-go after a short gain on first down.

2Q SC 25

  • 1-10: Bennett incomplete
  • 2-10: Bennett incomplete to Meeks
  • 3-10: Bennett incomplete to McConkey

Not really a red zone opportunity. Georgia was trying to steal points before halftime and managed a field goal.

4Q SC 10

  • 1-G: Beck run for 5
  • 2-G: Beck complete to Jones for 2
  • 3-G: Beck incomplete to Morrissette

Another late-game drive by the reserves. Morrissette dropped a touchdown pass. Zirkel nailed his first career FG attempt.

1Q KENT 14

  • 1-10: Edwards run for 2
  • 2-8: Bennett incomplete to McConkey
  • 3-8: Bennett sacked for -10

Bad protection on third down after a timeout led to the sack.

3Q KENT 19

  • 1-10: Edwards run for 2
  • 2-8: Edwards run for 3
  • 3-5: Bennett incomplete to Rosemy-Jacksaint

Not sure where Bennett was going with the pass. MRJ was open for the first down.

3Q KENT 15

  • 1-10: Milton run for 10, illegal contact penalty on McClendon
  • 1-25: Milton run for 3
  • 2-22: Bennett complete to Rosemy-Jacksaint for 12
  • 3-10: Bennett incomplete to Bowers

15-yard penalties are drive-killers.


  • 1-10: Bennett incomplete
  • 2-10: Bennett incomplete to Washington
  • 3-10: Bennett incomplete to Rosemy-Jacksaint

Three straight incompletions after two long gains through the air.


  • 1-10: Bennett incomplete to Rosemy-Jacksaint
  • 2-10: Georgia OL penalty – hands to the face
  • 2-25: Bennett complete to Bowers for 11
  • 3-14: FG to end the half

Georgia wasted a lot of time getting into scoring position, and a personal foul all but guaranteed this drive would end with a FG.


  • 1-G: McIntosh run for -1
  • 2-G: Bennett incomplete
  • 3-G: Bennett sacked for -3

Georgia had two cracks at first and goal thanks to a Mizzou penalty but twice lost yardage on first down.


  • 1-10: Georgia false start
  • 1-15: Bennett incomplete to Washington
  • 2-15: Bennett incomplete to Bell
  • 3-15: Bennett complete to Blaylock for 9

Another red zone penalty and early down incompletions led to a difficult 3rd-and-long.

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