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Post Maybe they should go back to artificial turf

Tuesday November 17, 2015

It’s no surprise to Georgia fans, but Tennessee has had to answer for the condition of its field after recent home games against South Carolina and North Texas. Maybe they’ll have it figured out before Georgia’s next visit in 2017.

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  • The hit on Keith Marshall in 2013 was a little low for my liking.. legal but not necessary.. the way Butch coaches it. I live near chattanooga and last week he was overheard at practice warning “hit hard, but dont punch cause thats an ejection… (really??)….. If you look at the opening kickoff that game in 2013 the tackle is made and then Reggie Davis gets punched in the face laying on the ground… That field didnt hurt Keith, but JSW and Michael Bennett were victims.. during a game last year you could SEE bare naked places of dirt during a rainy game against Chattanooga. Maybe if Butch didnt get so hungry they would be able to keep more grass on the field, but hey.. grazers gonna graze….