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Post Rainy night (afternoon) in Georgia

Thursday October 1, 2015

While Hurricane Jaoquin dominates headlines, its exact track won’t have much to do with a forecast for some heavy rainfall in east Georgia over the weekend. We won’t go full weather nerd here, but the message is to be prepared for rain during travel, tailgate, and the game.

This is the kind of game where Athens is overrun with people who don’t even plan on going to the game, and the wet weather will unfortunately restrict what was already expected to be tight parking. Free parking at the Intramural Fields will be limited due to soggy turf, and that will eliminate at least 2,000 parking spots.

The forecast and the parking situation lead to the same point: allow plenty of time for travel and for finding a spot to park. Arrive early. Spend some money in an Athens restaurant or shop if you need to dry out. And don’t let a little rain keep you from making Sanford Stadium red and loud from pregame on.

I won’t even begin to guess how rain will affect the teams. There’s conventional wisdom about it favoring the running game, but then I have visions of Shannon Mitchell catching 79 passes in the 1993 Cocktail Party.

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