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Post Should Georgia ease off the gas?

Friday September 18, 2015

This might be purely selective memory, but one recollection from the Vanderbilt game was that Georgia’s use of tempo didn’t work all that well. Not that it was a failure – it just didn’t move the needle much. Gary Danielson has never been a big proponent of up-tempo offense, but I admit to sharing his puzzlement after Georgia pushed the tempo following Chubb’s longest run of the day. Chubb even had to come out of the game after the subsequent first down play, and Georgia’s first good scoring chance fizzled with a missed field goal.

That in itself isn’t a reason to doubt the effectiveness of changing tempo, but it did make me wonder about its value as it applies to this particular team. Speeding things up has its advantages, but it does have one big disadvantage: failure to sustain drives just gives the ball back to the opponent that much faster. Georgia converted just 4 of 13 third downs, helping Vanderbilt run over 90 plays (who fortunately didn’t do much with them.) If the Dawgs want to continue to push the tempo, they’ll have to become much more effective sustaining drives.

The question: if this is going to be a 2003-like approach to game management, where does the no-huddle and up-tempo offense fit in? Vanderbilt got over half their yardage in the fourth quarter. Certainly Georgia emptying the bench contributed to that yardage, but starters saw playing time up until Sanders’s interception return. If your basic philosophy is to run the ball and lean on the defense, putting that defense in a position to face 90+ plays doesn’t make much sense.

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  • I liked how Bobo would use no huddle/tempo, we would rush to the line of scrimmage survey the field and adjust our play call accordingly. Wasn’t exactly Chip Kelly style, but it allowed us to prevent substitutions by the defense and had us ready and primed if true up-tempo was needed for a 2-minute drill.

    You could argue that going no huddle up-tempo after a 70 yard run might strain the defense, but it sure appeared to put more strain on Chubb than anyone?

  • I wanna see the UN General Assembly condemn us as aggressors mid-game and President Morehead demand war reparations afterwards. They can keep their lousy lone ACC title from sometime long, long ago in the last century, but maybe we should insist they transfer their sole SEC East division title.