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Post Gurley’s suspension leaves questions

Friday October 10, 2014

Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely by the University on Thurday. UGA cited “an ongoing investigation into an alleged violation of NCAA rules,” and media later reported that the investigation has to do with alleged payments received for signed items.

The blame game isn’t very interesting to me. There’s outrage and culpability to be directed all over the place from Gurley himself to the people buying autographed items and fueling the market. And of course there are the ridiculous name, likeness, and image rules at the center of the story.

None of that changes the fact that Georgia is without Todd Gurley for an undetermined number of games. Focusing on that alone, these are some of the questions that will have to be answered before we see Gurley back on the field (if ever):

  • Did Gurley break any rules? This is obviously the central question, but it’s still unanswered. We’re proceeding under the assumption that Gurley did receive improper benefits, but that fact hasn’t been established.
  • If Gurley received cash, how much? We’ve heard reports of anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars. The amount involved, if any, will determine the minimum length of Gurley’s suspension.
  • Was Gurley truthful with investigators? Even if small amounts were involved, we know that the NCAA can be much more harsh if investigation reveals dishonesty.
  • How active will Georgia’s athletic administration be in pushing for a quick resolution? Greg McGarity’s inital comments weren’t encouraging. This is the same administration that left a Hall of Fame swim coach in limbo for the better part of a season earlier this year. Will they do more for their Heisman candidate?
  • On a related note, did Gurley have representation when the NCAA interviewed him? If not, why in the world not?

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  • Gurley always came across as a collected, focused, and even-keeled person and player. Even his spike of the ball in the endzone was one of action and reflection of what he was doing.
    So, why did he allow this to happen. I’m just curious because of how he appears as a person and knowing where he was at as a very near term high draft choice. What circumstances lead him into this decision and trap.
    Players have to know, just looking up at the end of a stadium, TV set, tablet, or phone you live in a world of instant photo, replay, and further review.
    I think the AD office has to become more aggresive and hands on monitoring and protecting these players. Think you have to look for, search out, and remove agents and profiteers who look to take advantage of vulnerable, high profile players. No way a young man like a Gurley or for that matter another junior has the complete education and life experiences not to become involved in this irregardless of NCAA section, little section, littler section imposes upon them.
    In today’s high tech, digital world one’s actions are open 24/7…more so when “ESPN”, “NCAA”, “SEC TV”, bookstore put you in the lens.
    If you never play another down in Sanford Stadium…thanks Todd.