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Post Who’s left in the Georgia secondary, take two

Tuesday October 7, 2014

I did this last week just as a way to get the remaining defensive backs straight in my head, and of course the changes in the secondary kept right on happening. Here’s what’s gone on since:

  1. Freshman Shaq Jones was arrested for shoplifting and dismissed from the team. I can’t imagine that a $43 shoplifting incident is the threshold for dismissing a player; it was more likely the final straw in a longer list of transgressions that the public doesn’t hear about.
  2. I had head varying things about the status of Kennar Johnson and left him off my initial list, but sure enough he got in the Vandy game in the fourth quarter. His prospects for playing time are still in doubt, but he’s on the team and so he’s on the list.
  3. The biggest personnel news for the secondary was the return of Brendan Langley. Langley played quite a bit as a true freshman in 2013 but switched to receiver during the offseason. He wasn’t going to crack the receiver depth chart, at least not this season, and the need is much more immediate on defense. We’ll see how much rust there is to knock off, but this is a guy with legitimate experience against SEC teams.

Let’s try this again.


  • Corey Moore
  • Lucas Redd*
  • Damian Swann


  • Devin Bowman
  • Kennar Daniels-Johnson


  • J.J. Green
  • Brendan Langley
  • Quincy Mauger


  • Aaron Davis*
  • Malkom Parrish
  • Dominick Sanders
  • Tramel Terry
  • Reggie Wilkerson

* -walk-ons who have seen meaningful time

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  • Unreal. Hard to understand how the Dawgs got into this situation so quickly. Manageable now? Or the future? Who knows. But this is one position that can not take anymore hits.
    Pruitt has done a solid job with this position to date. And last two games his D has put up 2 TDs.
    Just hang tough guys. You are doing good. Always remember this in history…it is always the “small band of brothers” who turned the tide.
    CMR knows he needs help here going into next seasons. Lot of young QB beginning to roll one. And the SEC has had a history of solid passing QBs and outstanding RBs.