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Thursday September 26, 2013

Georgia is honored to host ESPN’s coverage of LSU football. Is this a sign of what to expect Saturday morning?

UGA-LSU Gameday

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  • Since I’m first to comment, let me make it a good one…according to the supposed “experts” of the college football world, all of them it seems, we may as well concede LSU’s greatness and awesome power and just go ahead and notify Les and the boys that they can just head back home with the victory because we have no choice but to give up…give up now and save ourselves the embarassment of trying in vain to stand up to these titans of the SEC! We have no chance…none…or so we have been forewarned.
    NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND! Hill rushed for a whopping 117 against Kent St. A handful of yards vs UAB. A big game against a pitiful Auburn defense and this guy deserves to be compared to TDG? Mettenberger may have a big arm, but he is a statue compared to AM. Their offensive and defensive lines may be pretty talented, but they ain’t that much better than Clemson or USCe. We’re at home and I kinda like our chances as long as we keep the errors to a minimum and hold on to the rock the way we’re capable of. Over 220 carries for TG without a fumble last year, against better defenses than LSU. His lone miscue this year was an anomaly, that’s all. Yeah, I like our chances. Hope to see ya’ll there Saturday afternoon! GATA!