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Post Coaches place eight Dawgs on preseason all-SEC team

Thursday August 22, 2013

You can find the complete list here. It raised eyebrows for Murray to be named first team over returning quarterbacks who won the Heisman or the national title, but it’s an entirely defensible decision.

Georgia’s preseason all-SEC players (according to the coaches):

  • Aaron Murray, 1st team QB
  • Todd Gurley, 1st team RB
  • Arthur Lynch, 1st team TE
  • Chris Burnette, 2nd team OL
  • Jordan Jenkins, 2nd team LB
  • Damian Swann, 2nd team DB
  • Keith Marshall, 3rd team RB
  • Malcolm Mitchell, 3rd team WR

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  • Without looking, I was able to name six out of eight correct. I figured Michael Bennett would be third team WR. I think Malcolm is more of a second team WR kinda guy, but then again this wasn’t me picking these lists either. In his two years as a bulldog, Mitchell has had bursts of explosive plays in several games, but he hasn’t had an explosive season. I will not be able to say this after this season though, because I predict Mitchell will be the game changer in almost every game this year. We NEED him to step up this year. Having him go through spring/summer/fall camps while being solely on the Offensive side of the ball this year will be a tremendous plus for him. He didn’t have to learn a new playbook, or worry about learning how to play cornerback this year. This is the year Malcolm Mitchell will shine and become the WR every bulldog fans knows he is, and the WR the nation will fear.