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Post Harvey-Clemons wakes up a sleepy offseason

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Here’s where procrastination pays off: I had something about 90% done about the relatively quiet offseason as we passed the 100-day mark last week. I guess just thinking it was enough to jinx things:

There is a chance Georgia will be without starting safety Josh Harvey-Clemons when the Bulldogs open the season against Clemson on Aug. 31.

Some disciplinary action seems likely, but a suspension isn’t a given yet. Harvey-Clemons hasn’t actually been charged with anything. The police didn’t file charges, but the UGA Office of Student Conduct will get their turn. It would be a big surprise if Harvey-Clemons weren’t tested as a result of this incident, and a positive test would of course change things. We’ll hear more about this after Richt and the university review the story.

In the meantime, Harvey-Clemons seems to have some judgement issues to work through. It was less than a year ago that he was in the car that featured in the incident that got Isaiah Crowell dismissed from the program. Last year’s traffic stop was the last straw for Crowell, and now Ty Flournoy-Smith, implicated with Harvey-Clemons in this dorm incident, is leaving. While Harvey-Clemons wasn’t charged in either case, it’s not a good for longevity to keep ending up in these kinds of situations – especially if he has eyes on a starting role.

UPDATE: Mark Richt was reached for comment at the SEC meetings in Destin, and Richt stated that Harvey-Clemons will indeed be suspended for the Clemson game. Suspensions for the 2003 opener at Clemson gave walk-on Tra Battle an opportunity to step up at safety, and the Dawgs will have to be as resourceful in their next trip to Death Valley.

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