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Sunday December 2, 2012

There will be plenty of time to take a longer look at the game – if we can bring ourselves to re-live that. Even in a loss, it was one of the best efforts I’ve ever seen from a Georgia team, and everyone involved has nothing to apologize for. Especially this guy:

Chris Conley will do many big things over the next two seasons, and no one faults him for doing what every receiver has trained his life to do – catch a pass. Georgia played their tails off in a man’s game, and it was probably the best “big game” on a national level since the Texas-USC 2006 Rose Bowl. Damn.

And a big thanks to the students and fans who gave this team the reception they deserved back in Athens.

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  • I am damn proud of my University. We all wanted a win yesterday. My hurt is not for myself but for the young men who ALL played their tails off. Our Coaches put every once of energy into the game as well. Commitment is a 100% or nothing proposition. I COMPLETELY support the coaches and players on this team without regret or apology to the print & TV media pinheads or those that want to second guess.

    In the coming weeks no one should whine about the recruits we do not get, instead celebrate and support the ones that DO commit to the University of Georgia and the coaches that instill the character, fight and heart we all saw yesterday.

  • I am so glad Chris is a Georgia Bulldog…. Thank you Mr. Conley for being a good Dawg and a good man. We are fortunate to have you with the Dawgnation….and proud to have you with us.