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Post Gauntlet thrown

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Shawn Williams isn’t pulling any punches with his defense:

“I don’t care who they have running the ball. We’ve just got to stop playing so soft – the D-line, linebackers, corners, safeties, everybody. I don’t know what it is,” Williams said. “It’s frustrating because I’m sitting here giving it all I’ve got and I feel like we’ve got some guys in a whole other different place.”

That’s the kind of thing that can either galvanize or severely test the “one team” part of the motto that’s been on the team’s lips since summer. I’m optimistic, but I thought we had already reached this point during the bye week:

“People got what was on their chest out, said what they had to say,” Williams said (a week ago). “We’ve got to be accountable for our actions, eliminate the big plays, and just come out and play hard every game.”

This is kind of what I was getting at yesterday. Everyone seems to agree on the problems, but that hasn’t led to much action. Maybe Williams ratcheting up the tone will have that effect, and it’s needed for a game that will be all about mental and physical toughness.

One of the most interesting comments Williams had was about the linebackers. It’s been an issue for a few weeks, and we talked about the trade-off that comes from using certain people at middle linebacker in certain situations. Williams’ opinion had some pretty strong implications for a couple of his fellow seniors and guys who might also be seen in leadership roles on the defense. That’s a potential rift, and it would take some pretty strong character to hear that from a teammate without a very negative reaction. Williams, whose personal fouls and coverage mistakes have cost the team points this year, also needs to recognize and acknowledge his own role in the defense’s current state.

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  • Hey, if having a player like S. Williams calling his teammates out can turn the UGA defense around, fine. I am as baffled as anyone else as to ineptness of our defense. But, I am tired of trying to figure out what is wrong or whose fault it is. I don’t care if S. Williams or anyone else, players or coaches, screams or calls out this team. I don’t care if anyone, players or coaches, keeps their calm and doesn’t say or do anything different. The bottom line is, just get it done. We either have the players or coaches to get this train on track or we don’t. I have supported MR for a long time and still want to believe we can get to the promised land under his leadership. MR is a great man, someone to admire. There is not a better person coaching college football. But, something is wrong when you have (apparently) everything needed to go the distance but fall far short. There is no excuse for what happened at South Carolina and Kentucky. It is time to stand up and be counted. No lousy O Line play, no horrible D Line play, no poor tackling, no defensive players anywhere on the field except where they are supposed to be. Yes, there is strategy in football but it isn’t nuclear physics.

    I apologize for being so negative but it is high time UGA goes out and hits a highly ranked team in the mouth for 60 minutes. We either do it or we don’t. I certainly hope this is one of those Jacksonville Saturdays that completely goes UGAs way. It could but it won’t if we don’t go out and play with a passion and a mission.

    Come on UGA, go out and crush some gators. We all want desperately to cheer you on but you men have to get the job done on the field.

  • To his credit, Williams used “we”, “we’re” and “we’ve” throughout his interview and included the safeties when naming groups. (Baccari Rambo hasn’t done squat since his return,and should have been called out, IMO)