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Post Georgia close to meeting a big strength and conditioning need

Thursday February 23, 2012

Georgia should soon have a new assistant strength coach, and reaction seems to be universally positive. We know two things about Sherman Armstrong:

  • What’s on his bio.
  • He’s worked with Aaron Murray and over 100 other pro and college athletes.

Needless to say, this is the news I was hoping to hear. The work begun by Tereshinski last year remains important and must be sustained as a foundation of Georgia’s strength and conditioning, but there are areas of specialization used by the nation’s top programs that should be available to Georgia’s players. This is the kind of training that Murray and other players have been seeking out on their own even before they are ready to turn pro. Some of that, sad to say, is because that level of expertise wasn’t available in Athens. That’s starting to change.

Georgia has plenty of raw speed. Increases in raw speed are likely to be marginal. As PWD put it, Armstrong “can improve their change of direction, flexibility and endurance.” It’s about harnessing speed for football. That’s a focus that could help Georgia, and it’s what someone like Armstrong brings.

NOTE: Several of the stories reporting Armstrong’s hire have updated saying that the gun might have been jumped and that Sherman isn’t officially on staff (yet). It’s possible that the program didn’t want to announce anything yet; there might be some sort of required wait since the job was posted. Hopefully that’s all that’s going on – Armstrong seems ready to get going on March 1st, and there won’t be much time before conditioning is put on the back burner during spring practice.

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