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Post Bret Bielema and his unwritten rules

Friday February 3, 2012

Bret Bielema’s on about “gentlemen’s agreements” and unwritten rules. Urban Meyer has upset the applecart by daring to pursue and sign prospects that had committed elsewhere (and who were apparently quite receptive to listen to schools other than those to which they had committed.)

It would be useful to hear Bielema explore his ideas of gentlemanly conduct and just which unwritten rules he’ll follow. “Don’t recruit someone else’s commitment.” Check. “Don’t go for two up 25 with less than 5 minutes left.” Well…

Unwritten rules are for baseball. If they’re not written, they’re not rules.

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  • Gentlemanly like when he intentionally had his team get offsides penalties on a couple kickoffs to milk clock against in a close game against Penn State a couple years ago? (rule since changed)