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Post Redcoat tribute to Larry Munson

Tuesday November 29, 2011

If you weren’t at the game or missed halftime on Saturday, here is the wonderful gesture made by the Redcoats in memory of Larry Munson.

4 Responses to 'Redcoat tribute to Larry Munson'

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  • Kudos to the finest band in the land.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Almost as good as being there. Munson would have said ‘and gosh most of our band members are underclassmen, can you believe that!! Thanks again, go DAWGS.

  • What a deserving and beautiful tribute! To those Tech fans screaming “BOO” and “TO HELL WITH GEORGIA” Your University should be TOTALLY ashamed and MORTIFIED by your behavior. Such a tasteless and classless way to represent your school. That kind of behavior is not becoming to any University OR mankind in general. Is this really the level of respect and compassion that makes up the Georgia Tech Nation?

  • I was actually home for Thanksgiving and had a chance to go to the Tech game and didn’t go because I would have to deal with the testeless fans lake we heard during that wonderful tribute. I almost wish I would have gone now to hear it live. Thanks for sharing, I just have to ignore the ignorant want to be rich kids making all the tastless sounds. I guess Tech doesn’t have a Manners 101 over there at the flats. Fitting trubute for a wonderful broadcaster.