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Post Cracks in Boise’s line?

Monday August 22, 2011

A link yesterday from the Senator led to this feature on Boise State’s right tackle Charles Leno Jr. Leno will be making his first start against Georgia, and he’ll have the job of protecting the left-handed Kellen Moore’s blind side.

That’s not the only interesting situation on the Boise State offensive line. Senior center Thomas Byrd is an all-conference performer who has started since his freshman year, and the Broncos are 37-2 when Byrd starts. But Byrd has been dealing with “a troublesome knee that prevented him from practicing in the spring and has forced coaches to manage his practice time.” He’s managed the injury and is expected to play and start, but his endurance will be something to watch during the game. As it is, at he’ll be undersized at 5’11” and 288 lbs. against Georgia’s Geathers and/or Jenkins.

2 Responses to 'Cracks in Boise’s line?'

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  • Which Georgia player will most likely come off the “blind side” the most?

    Senior or not, healthy or not, I would hate to know I was 5’11 288 and had the task of having Kwame or John lining up every down.

    I know I would personally need a double team…wait, wouldnt that free up a linebacker? Isnt that the goal of the “3-4” ?

    Go Dawgs

  • I’m having a hard time imagining them not having to double team either Jenkins or Geathers. I would think that most teams would have to double team them, including us. Surely a 288 lbs center would require assistance, right? I mean, regardless of the fight in the dog and such?