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Post Bracing for impact

Thursday July 14, 2011

Far be it from me to take much delight* in Georgia Tech facing an NCAA investigation. If it turns out to be street agent type of stuff, it’s the same kind of thing that could happen to any program, and we’re right in the middle of two Georgia student-athletes facing questions about improper benefits themselves.

What gets me is this: Atlanta is home to one of the more significant newspapers in the Southeast. It’s also home to two sports talk radio stations and major market television stations. Several regional and national college football pundits are based here. And we’re just finding out about an NCAA investigation into a BCS-level program on judgement day? That’s some good work. But I’m sure that if you wanted Brent Benedict’s thoughts on the situation, the Atlanta paper could have that for you by close of business today.

* If it turns out that Tech’s wins from the 2008 season must be vacated, it will mean that it’s been over 20 years since Tech beat Georgia without ineligible players.

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  • Precisely why i do not read the ajc – any section, especially sports. They’re a joke. But i’ll be honest-even my ajc-hating self is stunned they slept (or possibly chose to ignore?) this story. Staggering fail on their part.

  • Not quite; Even if you take away the ’98 and ’99 wins, we did beat Georgia the 2000 season as well.

  • In addition, for all those who are unfamiliar with college athletics: If you believe that $312 of gifts deserves punishment, then there is not a single team in any major conference who should not be placed on probation.

    The NCAA is a joke. Let’s think long and hard about this one. A friend of a friend who works for an agent. That means agent>friend>friend>BeyBey. That three degrees of separation. So if anyone of us who knows a sports agent gives something to a college athlete, does that mean it is an improper benefit?

    Let’s change the scenario: If a student is on an academic scholarship, but receives any assistance from an individual (e.g. friend of the family, “friend of a friend of a family member), should there be consequences?

  • Thomas Brown

    July 15th, 2011
    5:29 am


    Academic Fraud.

    What I would like to know, in view of the open records law of this state, is how Georgia institute of technology was able to keep the AJ-C from following this story, until as the Georgia tek recruits today said, that they were


    by it all ?

    How does this happen that

    NOT 1 WORD is said ever in the AJ-C about this until it is announced that the Georgia institute of technology is hit with


    PROBATION through 2015

    How is this possible AJ-C ?

    Did you cover this up AJ-C ?

    Well, did you ?

    You would have given The University of Georgia Front Page Headlines on this 3 years ago and every day since, following the story.

    Georgia tek, on the other hand, you coddle throughout this entire sordid mess.

    FINED $100,000

    Overprotecting Georgia tek is what the AJ-C has done here on this NCAA PROBATION, the 3rd in the history of the Georgia institute of technology, and back-to-back in football – no sooner is the last NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL over for Georgia tek than once again another NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL for Georgia tek.

    “This was the institution’s third major infractions case. The institution also had previous infractions cases in 2005 (Football, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Track Indoor and Outdoor, Men’s and Women’s Swimming) and in 1989 (Football).” the NCAA says in its first paragraph today.

    I thought the 1989 MAJOR INFRACTIONS CASE was tennis. I guess I will have to look that up again.


    AJ-C pampers Georgia tek in every possible fashion, and always has. If you live in the city of 6 million, you hear it daily that obviously you should be a fan of Georgia tek FOOTBALL.

    Really ?

    Why ?

    They aren’t any good.

    COVER-UP by AJ-C on this entire disgusting cover-up.

    This is what OPEN RECORDS LAW is all about AJ-C.

    Just so that I have the story straight from the mouths of AJ-C, we all read finally today only and never not 1 word prior about any of this NCAA PROBATION,

    Athletic director Dan Radakovich and president G.P.”Bud” Peterson

    were BOTH told by the NCAA not to say 1 word to anyone that the Georgia institute of technology was under NCAA investigation for MAJOR INFRACTIONS of the NCAA including


    ILLEGAL BENEFITS to football player at Georgia tek

    DON’T SAY A WORD ABOUT IT, NCAA TOLD athletic director Dan Radakovich and president G.P.”Bud” Peterson.

    Dan Radakovich then told Paul Johnson. And, the AJ-C goes on, and the trickle-down from there.

    NCAA report today says that Georgia tek then interviewed the player who received the illegal benefits in November 2009. Interviewed him twice. And, twice provided him intimate details of the exact NCAA INVESTIGATION which Georgia tek was told to NOT DISCLOSE TO ANYONE OTHER THAN the president and the athletics director.

    Hence forward, this will be referred to as the Georgia tek Rule.

    Georgia tek athletics director ADMITTED to the NCAA that he told Paul Johnson all about the NCAA INVESTIGATION.

    Paul Johnson should have informed neophyte athletics director at Georgia tek that he cannot discuss it with him and should have informed the NCAA that he had informed him. Further, Paul Johnson should have told Georgia tek that Thomas cannot be interviewed.

    Who was there at these interviews Georgia institute of technology, sirs ?

    Where are the transcripts of such interviews, multiple interviews where you disclosed the entire NCAA INVESTIGATIVE STAFF’S CHARGES AND ALL OF THEIR DETAILS to Thomas ?

    From Georgia institute of technology student-athlete # 1 in NCAA public report : “And when we went so I was, me and (student-athlete 2) went over (to the cousin’s home) and (the agency employee) and them was over there. And, um, like you was saying they had some clothes, some Adidas wear or whatever.”

    Student-athlete # 1 said he and student-athlete # 2 Thomas went over to see Calvin Booker and took hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars of Adidas branded clothing.

    Actually what this brainiac said was “Me and Thomas went and took the clothing given to us.” Nice Georgia tek. Really nice. This substantiates my claims once yet again that Georgia tek has this reputation to be the # 35 national ranked university according to the August 2010 latest US News and World Report Rankings.

    “Me and Georgia tek are the # 35 nationally ranked university in the nation.”

    “Me and Georgia tek are # 35.”


    # 35

    # 35 national university.

    No one brags about being # 35 at anything.


    # 35

    “Me and Georgia tek are # 35 national university,” Georgia tek student-athlete # 1 tells the NCAA.

    Nice Georgia tek.

    It is a total embarrassment the way Georgia tek tries to talk about being # 35 with their student-athletes held to

    NO STANDARDS whatsoever.

    Yet, Georgia tek talks about being # 35 without providing you the number 35, and does this talking about SPORTS, where Georgia tek has NO STANDARDS WHATSOEVER.

    “Me and Thomas got us some Adidas wear from Calvin Booker.”

    NCAA : “Did you then leave and go purchase these clothes, or were they already in the house?”

    “They was in the house already.” The Georgia tek student-athlete says Me and Thomas went there and got us some Adidas wear from Calvin Booker. Were the clothes there or did you go out and purchase them ? They was in the house already.


    “I don’t know how new the jackets were but they was, like, they looked new.”

    Paul Johnson told Thomas that the NCAA was going to interview him about from whom it was that he got the Adidas wear.

    Don’t even try to tell me, Georgia tek, that Paul Johnson is ALSO GOING TO CALL HIMSELF STUPID, that he too, didn’t know that you cannot


    the investigation but must provide truthful




    Are you saying Georgia tek that Paul Johnson is stupid too, as you do about Georgia tek ?

    Where are these interview tapes the NCAA discusses AJ-C ?

    AJ-C, why haven’t we been provided those under Georgia’s OPEN RECORDS LAW ?

    Here are the ACTUAL PENALTIES since you cannot be bothered to tell us those either AJ-C while you try to make this look like there are NO PENALTIES. Right.






    (6) FOUR (4) YEARS OF PROBATION from 7/14/11 – 7/13/2015




    Here is the real kicker :

    (10) Vacate all games WON after November 24, 2009 and ending after the bowl game.

    FUNNY Georgia tek

    You LOST all those games except against Climpsum Farmers and so now there is 1990 only, because that win 2009 over Climpsum Farmers is VACATED just after South Carolina beat Climpsum and just after Georgia beat Georgia tek with said Thomas the focus of all the incomplete passes to end the game with a LOSS to UGA.

    Vacate 1 win.

    Yes, small penalty – because you LOST all the other games, nerds.

    (11) PAUL JOHNSON cannot count the win over Climpsum Farmers in his total.

    (12) No team who subsequently HIRES Paul Johnson can list the win over Climpsum or the ACC Championship, now VACATED.

    Cupcake Conference anyway.

    That is like saying you are the best sportswriter at the AJ-C.




    15 PENALTIES in the public report by The NCAA.

    And, so what you have is 2 Georgia tek student-athletes who cannot even speak the language both in the NFL today, Demaryius Thomas and Morgan Burnett took gifts from former Georgia tek QB Calvin Booker and then were INSTRUCTED by PAUL JOHNSON to hinder the NCAA investigation only Morgan Burnett told the truth, which prompted then Dan Radakovich and president G.P.”Bud” Peterson to then tell the truth about the purposeful intentional lies to the NCAA. Dan Radakovich will announce his resignation TODAY and Paul Johnson gets FIRED. Peterson is trying to stay above all this by blaming it all on Dan Radakovich. I hope you didn’t miss that. You need to read the Actual Public Report. I can provide that URL Link if you need it.

    If this were UGA, AJ-C you would have followed the whole entire story, citing OPEN RECORDS LAW of this state.


    Calvin Booker was Quarterback at Georgia tek 2007 and 2008 throwing 35 passes and completing only 15 for 2 interceptions and 2 touchdown passes, only.

    Calvin Booker also rushed 33 times for 27 yards, total in his career at Georgia tek. Less than a yard per carry and 0 touchdowns rushing.

    Calvin Booker attended

    MAYS HIGH SCHOOL in Atlanta

    Calvin Booker signed with Auburn and played at Auburn for his 1st two seasons, then TRANSFERRED to Georgia tek.

    Calvin Booker thought that Auburn wasn’t giving him enough of a chance there.

    It was quite the scandal at the time, when he transferred to Georgia tek May 8, 2006, as a sophomore.

    Demaryius Thomas

    Demaryius Thomas, who had 22 catches with Denver Broncos last season for 283 yards and 2 touchdown catches, also rushed twice for 1 yard total with no touchdowns last season. Demaryius Thomas had 2 lost fumbles.



    was the only receiver on Georgia tek’s “team.”

    All the other WR quit the team, and now Georgia tek is stripped of their ACC Championship leaving tek with none, ever.

    So, Demaryius Thomas figures Calvin Booker can just buy him clothes and whatever he wants to have purchased for him by Calvin Booker, former QB at Georgia tek.



    Then, as only Georgia tek is best known for before the Ohio State scandal,


    Oh, no I didn’t get any ILLEGAL BENEFITS from Calvin Booker.


    Forget the embarrassment to Georgia tek, who is quite obviously well-versed in embarrassment.

    Now, he smears the good name of the Denver Broncos in this filthy twisted set of lies to cover it all up, going all the way up to

    Dan Radakovich and president G.P.”Bud” Peterson.

    Oh, we were stupid Bud Peterson says. We should have hired an outside counsel to tell us not to lie to the NCAA.

    Not to


    Cover-up is all the AJ-C does regarding the Georgia institute of technology.

    Tell me again, AJ-C how none of this was shown the light of day until it surprises your # 1 QB recruit for 2012 today, him and none of us ever having heard one bloody word of any this ?

    Dan Radakovich tells Paul Johnson and it trickles down from there, and you would have me to believe that the AJ-C did not cover-up this entire nauseating revolting cover-up by the AJ-C.

    Don’t insult my intelligence AJ-C with a reply to me.

    It is too obvious.

    YIKES AJ-C you are caught with your pants down on this one : Liar Liar Pants on Fire AJ-C for not covering this COVER-UP by you and by Georgia institute of technology for THREE (3) YEARS.

    Surprise to the Georgia tek recruits ? This is a surprise to the AJ-C and all the readers of the AJ-C.

    How is this possible AJ-C ?

    And, so this BLOG, right here is the ONLY BLOG to make the point – the 1 point – about this that is relevant.

    This is a perfect example of why for – what has it been now – 20 years ? I have read and followed this blog every single day under its previous name and now this name. Could you put your name someone on your blog for me ? You are the absolute best blog of all-time and always have been. I loved your recruiting blog for what you had hidden all in it. I love this blog for your honesty integrity keeping your head high and this blog today is a perfect example of all that and more – telling off the AJ-C as I have done in blogosphere before I finally just now read your article.

    I should have known to come here first. I just worked my way down all the stories. I presume you were the 1st blog to say this, because like I said, I read them all and now here you are the only to say it.

    Along with me.