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Post Will Georgia have Caldwell-Pope for at least two years?

Monday April 11, 2011

The NFL isn’t the only pro league looking at labor problems. The NBA is also facing the possibility of a lockout as its union and owners try to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. One idea reportedly considered in a new CBA is raising the entrance requirements from the current one-and-done system to two years removed from high school and a minimum age of 20.

Georgia dodged the one-and-done rule with Trey Thompkins sticking it out for three seasons, but incoming freshman Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a national top 15 prospect who could very well end up with a decision to make after his first year.

It might not be the best thing from a player’s perspective – especially ones ready for the league out of high school – but everyone else involved in the college game has to like the idea. Coaches, fans, and even administrators would benefit from raising this artificial age limit. Even academicians have to like the fact that two-year players would have to pay marginally more attention to academics and eligibility versus the one-and-done joke. There’s no question that the college game would be better if its best stars stuck around for another year. It might make stories like Butler and VCU a little less likely though – major programs with a little more seasoning on their young stars should become more prominent than they already are.

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  • After watching C-P I don’t see him qualifying as a a one and done…it would take quite an improvement which could happpen after watching the freshman from Norcross play in the tourney, though.