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Post Safety dance

Monday March 7, 2011

I agree with Travis: the safety position is the one that seems to be left with fewer answers after last week’s reshuffling. We felt that the position was in decent shape heading into last season, but even that was a little overstated. We ended the year with Hamilton and Nick Williams changing positions, and Ogletree eventually earned the starting role. Ogletree might’ve been growing out of the position anyway, but it’s still a loss of an up-and-coming playmaker at a spot that’s been without one for a while.

We’ll let Seth Emerson sum up:

As for safety, Grantham said Ogletree’s move is “a good opportunity” for Jakar Hamilton. The junior college transfer started several games last year before slipping out of favor. Grantham also mentioned Marc Deas, but you have to imagine some of the incoming recruits will also get a look to play alongside Bacarri Rambo.

Wow. I suppose counting on John Jenkins is the biggest leap of faith for the defense this year, but that plan for safety looks like a close second. Let’s take Emerson’s summary bit by bit:

  • It is a good opportunity for Jakar Hamilton, but let’s remember that Hamilton is also part of this reorganization after moving from safety to corner and back to safety. It was only a couple of months ago that Hamilton expressed his preference to remain at corner. The opportunity to get on the field can change those preferences in a hurry, but Hamilton’s still going to have to get better at the responsibilities of the safety beyond just hitting people. He liked cornerback because he didn’t have to “worry about a lot of calls,” and he’s going to have to master those calls if he’s going to be the solution that Grantham and Lakatos are seeking.
  • Marc Deas is an option, but there’s not much beyond that on the current roster. Nick Williams will transfer. Other than Hamilton, Shawn Williams is the only other candidate with much experience. Williams even started during the middle of the season until Ogletree took over.
  • Incoming recruits. Corey Moore is the obvious choice for an impact freshman at safety, especially against the run. Rivals.com had him as the top safety in Georgia and the 5th best in the nation – not far away from Ogletree’s rating a year ago. Nick Marshal’s “athlete” label implies he might help at several positions though the depth situation probably means he’ll get a look at safety.
  • Rambo. He’s the given in this discussion, but let’s emphasize that Rambo had a good, but not great, 2010 season. He gets a lot of slack as a fan favorite, but Rambo was as responsible as anyone for Georgia’s tackling issues in the early part of the season. He’ll also have to improve to help the position overcome the loss of Ogletree.

3 Responses to 'Safety dance'

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  • So all our eggs are in Jenkins’ basket in becoming Mt Cody, Ogletree needs to morph into Rennie Curran in 4 months, & Lakatos needs to turn water into wine at Safety. Awesome.

    I see a 10 win season on the horizon….

  • The Watergirl

    March 7th, 2011
    5:53 pm


    Let me get this right, we are leaving the safety positions in the hands of a guy(Rambo)who gets beat on the same play at least once every game and a joke(Hamilton) who nicknames himself and ends up being a fraud who cant tackle or cover?
    Rambo has the talent to turn things around, but Hamilton needs to be a secial teams guy and get some new blood in there

  • Ally – don’t forget that Richard Samuel will re-emerge from red-shirting as a 5-star linebacker. That gives us depth.