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Post Students could be penalized for unused football tickets

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Georgia’s Student Government Association has backed a plan that could “result in disqualification for post-season tickets and tickets for the following season” for students if their football tickets go unused. Several games during the disappointing 2010 season saw huge vacant gaps in the student section, and the goal of this proposal is to put those tickets in the hands of freshmen and others lower on the priority list who would use them.

The plan would allow students to transfer tickets directly to another student or contribute them back to a ticket bank by Thursday of a game week. Students who don’t use their tickets or don’t contribute them would receive a penalty point. Three such points would lead to disqualification for future tickets.

4 Responses to 'Students could be penalized for unused football tickets'

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  • how bout make all student tickets general admission and just let students sell them to whoever they want. I promise all the tickets will find their way into the stadium. sure some will be sold on ebay to randoms, but most of them will be sold either to other uga students or their friends. Its good they learn a lesson in capitalism, and the student section stays full. Plus thats a good deal of kids walking around downtown with extra beer money in their pockets.

  • I agree completely with hk, when I was a student there you didn’t need a student I.D. to use a student ticket. Now they have buckled down and require a student ID, which makes no sense to me, it is not that nobody wants the tickets if you made it available to whoever then all games would be filled

  • A step in the right direction for sure. I think some way of “making” the students be in the stadium by a certain time on game day perhaps by taking the “turned in” tickets of tht week and putting them on first come first served with immediate entrance into stadium a requirement.

  • Absolutely great idea. Hell, kids with a case of Nasty Light in Myers on FRI can get money for another case on Sat.