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Wednesday January 5, 2011

Pryor rushes for 100+ and throws two TD passes.
Posey led the team with 3 catches, 70 yds, and 1 TD.
Herron scores Ohio State’s second touchdown, finishes with 87 yards.

And the game was wrapped up on an interception by Solomon Thomas, another suspended player. All that was missing was for Mike Adams to be the guy who fell on that fumble into the endzone.

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  • Sorry, but I’m not interested in the Dawgs for awhile. Somehow UGA is not what I had thought it was anymore. From Adams to McGarity to CMR, just total push overs and lately, ner-do-wells. They really do not care about the University, just their pay chekcs. I will reserve and place my contributions in investments and 401(k)s rather than with a University that operates like this. Perhaps if I attend any CPE courses there I will benefit from a meal prepared by the nutritionist. And a suggestion to Green. I would go now because you can see how much those guys actually stood by you. A real shame.