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Post Recruiting Prozac

Tuesday January 4, 2011

If you’re still looking for something to pick you up and get you to look forward to the future of Georgia football, you couldn’t get a better prescription than this ESPN update from this week’s Under Armour All-America game. There’s still a month to go until signing day, and the competition for these top prospects is intense. But if the tone of this update is any indication which way the key uncommitted members of the recruiting class are leaning, Georgia’s talent level could be looking at a big shot in the arm. And contrary to Buck Belue’s opinion, there are several prospects yet to make their decisions who will be early contributors at any school.

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  • Sorry, but this just makes me chuckle. As if some “dream
    team” of recruits will make a difference at this point. Doesn’t get
    any dreamier than AJ Green & yet we couldn’t score a
    touchdown vs UCF. Please. Regardless of the next crop of 18 year
    olds to descend upon Athens with their suspended licenses surely in
    tow, they still take orders from Richt. We’ve had season after
    season of top recruiting classes with little to nothing to show for
    it. I believe you even lamented the same on twitter after
    Saturday’s debacle. No other Coaching staff in college football has
    done so little with so much talent in my lifetime…and for
    millions of dollars annually. That’s not going to change in 8
    months. Let’s not forget it was NFL Talent evaluators that said UGA
    had more NFL talent this year than any other SEC program by a mile,
    but rendered a 6-7 losing season http://is.gd/k6f1h. And whichever
    adults are advising these “dream teamers” to risk their futures by
    hitching their wagons to Richt, a Coach very likely to be
    unemployed this time next year, ought to have their heads