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Post Cocktail Party cover charge going up?

Thursday December 16, 2010

Florida is raising their home football ticket prices by $5 per game next year. The increase is expected to bring in over $3 million annually in additional revenue, and that should go a long way towards paying a new corch and his staff. They’d also like to get a little more money out of their trip to Jacksonville:

Ticket prices for the Florida-Georgia game will rise $10, if Georgia approves.

Anyone expect Georgia to put up much of a fight on that one?

Run-of-the-mill Florida tickets have been around $40 for a while, so an increase wouldn’t be completely outrageous. For context, Georgia fans can expect to pay at least $65-$160 for their other 2011 neutral-site game against Boise State if the LSU-UNC ticket prices were any indication.

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  • Hiking ticket prices for a game that Georgia cannot seem to win would be foolish considering how pissed off the fanbase is about a 6-6 season. Hopefully if they do it, Georgia fans will stay home and that will lead to the site not being “neutral” and the game will get moved in the future.

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  • As long as they keep playing football, people will keep coming to the games and ticket prices will continue to rise. If you think $40-$50 is pricey, check out the “per-seat contribution” requirements in Gainesville:


    Judging by the level of demand exemplified there, raising Florida-Georgia ticket prices enough to discourage Georgia fans from making the trip would only ensure that the tickets would be bought up by Gators instead of Dawgs. UGA gets the check either way. The game remains in Jacksonville as God intended. Florida keeps winning (also as God intended).