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Post Thinking out loud: Tech, Meyer, and something to warm your heart

Wednesday December 8, 2010

– It’s OK, Julian Royal. I’m sure Mark Fox can still find room for you on next year’s team if you ask nicely this spring.

– Is it me, or is Urban Meyer’s approach to discussing Steve Addazio starting to resemble the he’s-not-off-the-team-but-he’s-not-with-the-team language he used when talking about Chris Rainey?

– Of course the current state of the Tech basketball program had a lot to do with the empty seats last night, but it’s also a consequence of charging 50% to 100% more than the $20 Tech is charging to see its other nonconference opponents. This isn’t football; Georgia fans weren’t going to buy up a few thousand discounted tickets. But the inflated prices did do a good job of keeping all but the most committed of Tech fans at home. I’ve been to games against Georgia and ACC opponents over the past 20 years where the “Thrillerdome” effect was in full force. Those days are long gone. Scenes like that will be what forces the Tech administration to stomach a large buyout and make a change.

– Finally, if you read nothing else today, read this story about the connection between a group of Georgia football players and one special 16-year-old fan.

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